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Life of A Warrior!

Posted on September 07 2017

Life of A Warrior!

The phrase “Life of a Warrior” was presented to me by a close friend and business associate Tyndesign. When I first heard it, I immediately thought about veterans like myself and active duty service members. My company “Warrior Genetics lab” was initially inspired by veterans and active duty personnel. It was also inspired by individuals that were highly motivated in the area of health living and fitness training. Recently my mind shifted to the everyday individual and those not engaged in any fitness training. We all have the “warrior” passion inside of us. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “warrior as a person engaged in some struggle or conflict.” This conflict can include life and the trials and tribulations that one endures. We will never get rid of the past or current situation, but we can reveal or bring forth our inner warrior and move forward. When life decides to take you off track, take a deep breath, create and engineer the path life leads you. We are primarily responsible for our own well-being and need to comprehend that others can either: support us, bring us down, or simply just tell us what we want to hear. It takes you, the individual, to make it happen, get started; to yearn for change and make sure nothing pulls you back. Our struggles and conflicts in life just improve and cultivate our strength for future trials. A warrior can’t protect his “Lord”, community, or his/her family without first understanding or coming to an agreement that the conflict will not weaken them, but make them stronger. Simply because the warrior has defeated every aspect of the trials and tribulations he/she encountered. I currently use the hashtag #lifeofawarrior because I want others to see and understand my growth, strength, and accomplishments. I believe that I am here to help others, my communities, and make others laugh while helping them get through their struggles. I use weightlifting and bodybuilding as a way to help me cope with my PTSD. I also use it to boost my self-esteem and overall health. Physical fitness has changed my life and I feel that everyone can benefit from adding some type of exercise to their daily routine.


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