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Push for Rehab`

Posted on October 23 2017

On September 14, 2006 my platoon and our support unit were involved in a vbied (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) attack, which is an explosive device that is brought to its victims in a vehicle; it was a dump truck carrying c4 with gravel covering it. We lost 3 of our own, along with a few back home from suicide. I came out of this incident a enucleated right eye (my right is a prosthetic), TBI (right frontal lobe damage), PTSD, kidney and liver damage, some nerve damage in my hands, and of course all the joint issues that comes with the blast. This is my story in short. Now the reason for our event, Mission22 paid for my treatment through the Veteran Rehab with Fayetteville Hyperbaric Holistic Wellness Center. The program contains the hyperbaric chamber, medical massage, sauna, counseling, and nutrition and exercise. I had a successful experience with this program, it brought my spirit back to me. Now I would love for someone to have the same experience I went through, that’s why I choose the Push for Rehab, which is squatting for rehab.

The event involves 5 athletes, we will get 3 attempts to do as much reps of squats we can. The supporters will have 2 chances to pay, one is through donating a set amount or the other is the athlete you chose to support finish their attempts, he/she reps will be tallied and giving to the public. At this time, if the supporter pledge to an amount per rep, they will have the opportunity to fulfill their pledge.

Example: Derrick total 60 reps. John Doe pledge $1 per rep towards Derrick, so john doe will pay $60 towards Mission22 sending someone to veteran rehab.

Derrick Pinckney
Dominique Craddock
Dustin McClure
Will Walker Jr
Derrick Cameron


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