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Listen to your body talk.A little bit of advice from my heart to yours. The human body is an amazing thing; however, it can break down if it isn’t cared for properly. You have to trust and believe in yourself and have faith that in our Lord Jesus Christ and our God, in order to [...]

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Daily ExerciseIncorporating daily exercise in your life should be absolute must, it’s apart of healthy living. There are many benefits to adding exercise to your daily routine and I am living proof that the benefits are substantial. Before I became physically active, I was diagnosed with health ailments such as depression and high cholesterol. Since [...]

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The phrase “Life of a Warrior” was presented to me by a close friend and business associate Tyndesign. When I first heard it, I immediately thought about veterans like myself and active duty service members. My company “Warrior Genetics lab” was initially inspired by veterans and active duty personnel. It was also inspired by individuals [...]

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