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Your Life is Precious

Posted on November 24 2017

Your Life is Precious

Suicide is a serious issue that can lead to devastating effects not only for the person who is in distress, but their loved ones and the community as well.

Suicidal thoughts plague people from all walks of life. It transcends race, age, and socioeconomic class. No one is immune from bouts of depression; however, all of us try to cope with the stressors of life in different ways. Some of us are stronger than others. Those who are weaker and feel that ending their life is the only way out, should realize that their life truly does matter and they too can begin a journey to experiencing greater strength to carry on. Even if you have one person who cares enough to sit and talk with you, to come up with a solution to why you may be depressed, it’s a reason to fight for your life.

Your journey to wellness begins with you understanding that your action will not solve the problem. The consequences of contemplating and/or carrying out suicidal acts, can be detrimental to those who love you…emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.

God is love. You were made in his image. He has given his son as a sacrifice for us all. Trust God. Don’t be a burden to the people in your life who desire to help you; because they love you and they know that your purpose on this earth is to live to fulfill God’s purpose for your life and your hopes and dreams.

Your husband, wife, family members, friends, doctors, associates… someone is available to help you work through the depression. Don’t give up. You are not alone.

Remember, when you feel things aren’t going your way… you can diffuse the thoughts that lead to self destruction by seeking help. By ending your life, you will never know the wonderful love that people have for you, and the many things you can accomplish.

Don’t cut yourself off from love, friendship, and relationships.

Your life has meaning and your support system can help you tap into it.

Choose to live. You are worth it.

I love you.



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