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How to stay fit and sane during quarantine

Posted on April 10 2020

How to stay fit and sane during quarantine

Fear, uncertainty, isolation and anxiety are all legitimate feelings that you might be experiencing as the coronavirus pandemic explodes in the U.S. The virus will pass, but a scarier enemy may linger – depression. Don’t let bad vibes consume your life, let’s see how we can use fitness to steady yourself during lonely quarantine times!

Physical exercise is not just about muscle size, it is also an all-natural treatment for depression. Exercise brings a sense of wellbeing that is even more effective than antidepressants for some people. This is because exercising releases endorphins -the “feel good” hormones.

Fitness is well known to bring health benefits including:

Reduce stress and anxiety
Shaper memory
Boosted energy
More restful sleep
Lower blood pressure
Protection against chronic diseases

The best thing is that you don’t have to be fit to reap these benefits. Dr. Miller, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical school urged people to simply get up and move a little bit will help. It is not about how long, or how intensely you exercise, but keep doing something you enjoy every day!

Fortunately, there are plenty of workout tutorials online nowadays. So you can easily start fitness at home.

1. Bodyweight strength training

No equipment? Not a problem. You can get a full body workout with just bodyweight exercises any day.

2. Resistance band exercises

If you want to ramp up the difficulty but don’t like to use weights. A resistance band takes up barely any space at home and you can adjust it to any resistance level. Here are someresistance band exercises that you can try at home today.

3. Dumbbell workouts

If you are fortunate enough to have dumbbells at home, use this quarantine time to get some serious gains. This workout plan can keep you busy for a whole week.

4. Yoga

Don’t forget to also take rest days and do some gentle calming exercises. Yoga is the perfect mind-body practice that can calm your mental storm. Join the 6 million people in yoga practice on Youtube.




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