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Why total body training gives you the best powerlifting results

Posted on February 03 2020

Why total body training gives you the best powerlifting results

Why total body training gives you the best
powerlifting results


Wondering what is getting in your way to a heavier lift or better physique? Not enough reps? Not enough proteins? My answer may surprise you: Not sticking to a total body training routine that treats the whole body as an integrated unit. A common mistake that many powerlifters make is to focus on a particular muscle group too much and ignoring the fact that our bodies are built to move as a whole.
Here’s what you could do to get better results.

1. Vary your movement patterns
Instead of having a leg day, or an Abs day, mix up the movements each day to work on all the muscle groups throughout the week. This strategy help you avoid overuse injuries from heavily training just one muscle group and build a well-rounded physique.

2. Alternate training intensity Building an impressive physique and strength is no way near as difficult as maintaining it. If you want to stick to your goal for the long run, recovery and consistency are key.

To prevent burnouts and injuries, alternate between
• Heavy and explosive lifts, but low volume
• Light and slower lifts, but higher volume

3. Focus on whole-body well-being, This one may sound cheesy but ask yourself the question: what was it that made you want to be the best powerlifter?
Was it just to have impressive biceps or to have a strong, healthy and inspiring overall health? In our modern day, big biceps may get your Instagram followers, but it is how good you feel as a whole that really matters. You want to inspire others to get fit with a training routine that has long- lasting benefits to the entire body. It’s time to design a total body training that meets your goals and aspirations!


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