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Survivor Series

Survivor series


WGL Survivor Series Shirts: “And Here  You Stand  Despite  It  All” Survival instincts just come naturally  to some. Surviving  and thriving  in spite  of setbacks and downfalls is  what we  warriors do best.  A  salute to  service  and sacrifice, our  latest Survivor Series honors the grit, glory, bravery  and determination of those  who have  overcome the  unthinkable. The  strength to endure  pain and suffering  is not easy  to come  by.  We  believe  the help and support of others is  what makes a difference  when it  comes to grabbing  life  by  the horns and conquering  it.  In hopes of helping  fellow veterans learn how to adjust to civilian life, we  will  be  donating  5%  of proceeds  collected  from  sales of  these  shirts to Holiday  Highlander. Shop  for  a  cause. Give  back by purchasing  symbolic  apparel from our new  and exclusive  t-shirt collection.

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