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Hand Armor

2 oz Hand Armor Liquid Chalk™

$7.00 USD

2 oz Hand Armor Liquid Chalk™


The best sports chalk on the planet in a convenient 2 oz bottle! Hand Armor Liquid Chalk™ is a liquid based, High-Performance Sports Chalk, that dries on your hands within seconds. The 2 ounce bottle with carabiner is perfect to clip to your gym bag, and has a convenient easy-to-use flip top. Using Hand Armor is easy, and only takes a few seconds. Just apply a small amount, by spreading on your hands, and waving your hands dry! Helps enhance performance and grip during training and competing in powerlifting and strongman.
Using Hand Armor Liquid Chalk has the following benefits:
• Hand Purifier
• Lasts longer than regular chalk
• No mess
• Better grip
• Prevents blisters
• Used by collegiate and professional athletes