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Warrior Genetics Lab

Shirts Combo 2 for $35

$17.50 USD

Warrior noun: A person who's a disciplined fighter exhibiting strength, bravery, selfless service to others. A warrior is ambitious and fights with honor, compassion, and faith.

Tell the Warriors I'm Back: There's no way around it. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Show off your warrior-like perseverance, resilience and competitiveness in a short sleeve shirt that lets everyone know you're back better than ever and ready to put in work. Be a beacon of hope for others struggling to overcome struggle and strife.

Warrior Flag: The wisest of warriors knows there is no limit to his or her potential on or off the battlefield. In paying tribute to champions who put in work, we have designed this here flag shirt. Power up and show out in a t-shirt that embodies the relentless spirit of everyday soldiers.

Warrior Athletics: An athlete's mentality is steadily focused on achieving greatness in all aspects of life. Wear your passion like a badge of honor by slipping into this athletic shirt of ours. Comfortable and casual enough for gym days but stylish enough for running errands, it's the short sleeve shirt you'll want to live in.

Next Level of Warriors Shirt: The company you keep says a lot about the path you're on. And we hope you've found your place and purpose here at Warrior Genetics Lab. Let everyone know you're a proud member of the WGL community with a shirt that identifies you as a member of our famous fitness club OF Warriors.